Don't Put Your Home at Risk

Don't Put Your Home at Risk

Trust us with your garage door repair in Arlington, TX

A broken garage door is a security risk, especially if you can't close it at all. Uncle Bob's Garage Door Service offers garage door repair services throughout the Arlington, Texas area. Whether you've dented your garage door with the mower or the spring is faulty, our team will assess the damage and give you a free estimate on the repair.

Our team will take care of everything from the garage door to the spring. Repair your garage door with help from a professional.

Get your free estimate today by calling 682-702-4033.

When should you schedule a repair?

Garage doors are heavy and have sharp pieces and fast-moving gears. Repairing them without the proper tools and experience can be extremely dangerous.

You should contact Uncle Bob's Garage Door Service for garage door repair work if...

The door is off track.
The handle is damaged.
The panels are dented.
The spring is broken.

Schedule your garage door spring repair in Arlington, Texas today.